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At Bentley Security & Safety, we are committed to provide a “Total Guard Service Solution” that ensures operational success and client satisfaction.

To this end, we consider that an open and honest relationship between Bentley Security & Safety and our clients is fundamental. Our experience shows that, as both parties strive to achieve the highest operational standards, this approach ultimately ensures success.

Bentley Security & Safety was formed in 1997 to provide a more dynamic and professional safety and security organisation in Dubai and the U.A.E. Bentley Security & Safety is a 100% locally owned company committed to providing jobs and indeed careers in the security industry for National men and women. A company that aspires to be successful and efficient in fulfilling its client’s operational aims and objectives; whilst at the same time its employees share a collective operational purpose, and are vigorous and dedicated to achieving excellence in all their many endeavours.

It is recognized that the employment of an active and well organized uniformed guard system can prove a deterrent to criminals and those who may plan a covert attack. BSS commits to providing properly trained and qualified guards. In addition, all our guards will be alert and fit as we feel this is an essential attribute of any guard to be able to perform their duties. Besides in house training by qualified professional instructors, our guards also attend local courses and are qualified in “fire awareness’ and ‘first aid”. The “fire awareness” training is supported by Dubai Civil Defence authorities and the “first aid” by the St John’s ambulance scheme.

As mentioned in the company letter we are also committed to ensuring that all our guard supervisors are fully trained nationals, who will liaise directly with the client and be responsible for supervising the activities of the guard force to meet the client’s specifications. They will work with the client to develop detailed written instructions that will be issued.

Our guards are selected from a variety of sources, including Nigeria, Nepal, India, and Egypt to name a few countries, and we can therefore ensure a balanced selection of nationalities to suit your specific requirements.

Satisfied clients

  • Sony Factory.
  • Custom H.Q at port Rashid.
  • Bridgestone Factory.
  • East Cost.
  • Ladies Camp – Jabel Ali.
  • Land Transportation Custom.
  • Port Rashid.
  • Taisai Corporation –AbuDhabi
  • Jumeirah Island.
  • Palm Island
  • Jabel Ali Vessels.
  • Jabel Ali – Gates (temporary)
  • Dubai Ladies Club
  • Al-Bustan – Hotel
  • Ministry of Education
  • Sheikh Mohd. Establishment
  • Dubai Investment
  • Betterhome